Jeff Fenster

The Success of Freedom: How to Build A Brand, that Benefits Your Life
Episode 10
The Success of Freedom: How to Build A Brand, that Benefits Your Life
In this episode of Fuel Your Drive Podcast we have serial entrepreneur Jeff Fenster whose main business principles are making friends and having fun! Fenster is focused on disruptive start-ups with vertical integration and revenue-driving innovation while cultivating and empowering top-tier leadership teams to foster the growth of successful brands. A pioneer in the quick-serve restaurant category, Fenster is the founder of the rapidly expanding, So Cal-based superfood brand, Everbowl™ which he established in 2016. Everbowl is nationally recognized as a rising star within the sector, making healthy superfoods accessible and affordable for everyone. With a growing footprint of retail locations in So-Cal and Arizona, Fenster is driving the monumental growth of Everbowl, with plans to introduce the brand nationwide through both retail operations and a line of superfood-infused CPG products. As part of successfully scaling the brand, Fenster has spearheaded the implementation of innovative processes to streamline Everbowl’s revenue-driving efficiencies in areas including operations, procurement, supply chain, and construction.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to change your career trajectory and soar
  • Benefits of living un-evolved
  • Developing the drive of the Lion and the Gazelle
  • Owning the solution of your audience’s pain points
  • What it means to run with a pebble in your shoe
  • Becoming your toughest competition
  • How to make customers forget about your mistakes
  • Being relentless as a water in business

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