Billy Gene

Episode 6
Over 500 Million Views! Meet the Facebook Ads King; Billy Gene is Marketing
Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc. (BGIM) is one of the world’s leading digital advertising educators and influencers in the world. Founded by its CEO, Billy Gene Shaw III in 2015, Billy Gene Is Marketing has taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, digital marketers and small business owners through online classes, seminars, and videos. BGIM is currently averaging over 8 million Impressions per month on Facebook and YouTube combined and has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers how to turn “Clicks Into Customers” using paid Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The fundamentals to social media marketing and advertisement in 2019.
  • How to hire a team when scaling your business.
  • How to build relationships and extract value out of it.
  • How to practice being un-comfortable. The secret to success.
  • How to better read and understand people for self-awareness.
  • and much more!

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