Don Saladino

Episode 2
Former Trainer of X-Men’s Wolverine & more! Meet Don Saladino, respected trainer to the stars.
Don Saladino is one of the most in-demand and respected trainers in the business. For over 20 years, he has coached actors, athletes, musicians, and titans of business function at their full potential. He is also responsible for some of Hollywood’s most coveted physiques. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Liev Schreiber, Sebastian Stan, Morgan Hoffman, Hugh Jackman, and David Harbour, are a few names off the roster of clients who have trained with him at Drive495 gym in Soho, Manhattan.

In this episode, Don shares some of the biggest tips and advice from his 20+ year career. Josh and Don break down each others success and share stories that show resilience, problem solving capabilities, overcoming fear, mindset commitment and so much more!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What Don learned from creating apps for Dwayne Wade, Adrian Peterson + more
  • What’s the most important factor for successful social media brands
  • What’s it truly like training celebrities for hollywood movies
  • How to stay level headed while being massively successful
  • The secret to really launching your career
  • The biggest mistake many future entrepreneurs make but can avoid
  • Why routines are extremely calculated and will change your life

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