Easy McCoy

Building Your Brand, the EASY way
Episode 8
Building Your Brand, the EASY way
As Easy McCoy preps the release of new music and new projects, the Seattle-born rapper finalizes his transition from acclaimed artist “Soul P” into one of hip-hop’s most thoughtful and progressive new emcees. “This is me now,” he says. “After 12 years of working, touring and learning, I’ve grown to understand who I am and now I’m comfortable being Easy McCoy.” Born and raised in Seattle’s tough Yesler Terrace neighborhood, he describes his first musical experiences as purely organic. “As a kid in inner-city America, hip-hop music was a big influence on our lives; we listened to music to escape,” he says, citing influences that span both coasts, such as Nas, Talib Kweli, Ice Cube and NWA. But a turbulent childhood, which found him constantly in-and-out of jail, delayed his career until he completed his final stint at 18-years-old. While rap played only a minor role in his earlier years, McCoy admits that he penned some of his best songs during his time behind bars, giving him a platform to responsibly speak about his struggle. “It becomes a way of life,” he says, of his time in the streets. “We didn’t do it to look cool, we did it to survive and to eat and that’s why I choose not to glorify it in my music.” With topics ranging from racial profiling to police brutality, The Soul Affect showcased a “raw and more political” side of Easy McCoy, setting up the foundation for his transformation into one of hip-hop’s conscious emcees.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Breaking into an oversaturated marketplace
  • Strategic brand placement
  • How to end the cycle of your environment
  • The power of influential marketing
  • Facing adversity in your career
  • and much more!

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