Andy Frisella

The Power of Focused Effort
Episode 10
The Power of Focused Effort
This episode we sit down with Andy Frisella. Andy is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, consultant and public speaker. He has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur & Forbes Magazine as an industry leading expert at customer loyalty, creating fanatical culture, building brick-and-mortar and online direct-to-consumer retail businesses. From 2015-2019, he hosted The MFCEO Project, the #1 business and success podcast in the world. On his popular new podcast, REAL AF with Andy Frisella, he and his guests discuss, debate and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues.

In this episode you’ll discover:

    • Self-Actualization
    • Envisioning Your Success
    • Humility of Learning from Mistakes
    • Perseverance and Patience as an Entrepreneur
    • Building Customers and Business Momentum
    • Upgrading Your Network
    • The Importance of Taking Action
    • Building Relationships
    • Maintaining Consistency in Your Work Ethic
    • and much more!

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